No title


For a while now, I’ve been thinking about how, yet again, posting has been slow. Well, between the studying I’ve been doing, the training and the bad weather, there really weren’t many opportunities for photography.. the few free moments I had were mostly spent in front of my relatively new TV, either watching movies or playing games. So I decided to put together a small “collage” of the things that have been making my room fun :)


And since I somehow ended up spraining my ankle again.. it looks like even though the weather has improved (significantly), my life style won’t change much. At least for a while..

Thank god for WiFi, Bluetooth and high definition. (:

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4 Responses to “No title”

  1. 1 Ales

    Hehe, no ja, vsaj zvocnike mam podobne (ali enake) kot ti :P pa gamepad =P

  2. Mislim, da mava sam različno število :) jst mam 5.1 sistem. Lol, kako mava pa lahko samo gamepad enak? :D

  3. 3 Ales

    ne glih enak, moj je logitechov za pc, ker ps-a nimam =D

  4. Lahko bi si ga omislil.. zakon je :D

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