You can all thank Aleš for this post. Since he’s the one who tagged me :)

First, the rules:

  • Open the folder where you keep your photographs
  • Open the SIXTH folder
  • Select the SIXTH photo
  • Publish it on your blog and describe the situation in which it came to be
  • Tag SIX people and inform them of their duties (on their blogs) :)


What to tell? The photo’s from a conference I photographed for a friend (he was one of the organizers – second one from the left). It was quite a long shoot (around 8 hours). The guy in front is Ljubljana’s current mayor, Zoran Janković, as he was giving his opening speech. That’s about it. :)


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2 Responses to “12345SIX”

  1. 1 Ales

    thumbs up :D

  2. danka :] samo si ti naletel na veliko boljšo fotko! :)

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