Well, I’ve finally bought myself a domain and set up my very own blog. So this is my last post here. Hope those who followed this one, continue to follow my work at the new page (Yes, I mean the two of you :D).


Hope to see you there!

For almost three hours now, I’ve been sitting in the dark, listening to music and thinking about what to do. And you’ve guessed it. I decided to publish another oldies post :)

These two photos were shot for a forum “photo competition”, the subject being music.



As you can see my approach was a bit different.

And I hope you like them, nonetheless.


Comments and critiques are welcome, as usual.

Another attempt at bringing this blog from the depths of inactivity. As the title states, this is a post dedicated to a few old photos.

The next few photographs bring about mixed feelings. In a way, I like them and hate them at the same time.

zala zala2

For example – I like the old-school looking furniture and floor and the way the light plays with the textures. But at the same time I get a feeling of clutter.

Overall the shoot itself was.. indescribable. As my feeling towards the photos themselves – Good & bad.


This last one is my favorite.

No title


For a while now, I’ve been thinking about how, yet again, posting has been slow. Well, between the studying I’ve been doing, the training and the bad weather, there really weren’t many opportunities for photography.. the few free moments I had were mostly spent in front of my relatively new TV, either watching movies or playing games. So I decided to put together a small “collage” of the things that have been making my room fun :)


And since I somehow ended up spraining my ankle again.. it looks like even though the weather has improved (significantly), my life style won’t change much. At least for a while..

Thank god for WiFi, Bluetooth and high definition. (:



You can all thank Aleš for this post. Since he’s the one who tagged me :)

First, the rules:

  • Open the folder where you keep your photographs
  • Open the SIXTH folder
  • Select the SIXTH photo
  • Publish it on your blog and describe the situation in which it came to be
  • Tag SIX people and inform them of their duties (on their blogs) :)


What to tell? The photo’s from a conference I photographed for a friend (he was one of the organizers – second one from the left). It was quite a long shoot (around 8 hours). The guy in front is Ljubljana’s current mayor, Zoran Janković, as he was giving his opening speech. That’s about it. :)



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